Good Morning 👋, I'm Ryan! A Web Developer based in Britain 🇬🇧! I mainly design 🎨 frontend websites and develop applications 🖥️ to ease day-to-day processes, as well as side projects to learn new languages/concepts 🌎.
My written posts 📄 and ramblings are available on my blog archive at
You can message 💬 me on Twitter or GitHub!

Bookings Folder dev/bookings
Battenburg Folder dev/battenburg
CAD Folder dev/cad
Inventory Management System Folder dev/stock
Repair Shop Ticketing System Folder dev/tickets
Faudit Tracker Folder dev/faudit-tracker
Exercise Tracker Folder dev/fitness
JSON Viewer Folder dev/json-viewer
POS Folder dev/pos
reddit Folder dev/reddit
Restaurant Folder dev/restaurant
Tuck Shop Folder dev/tuck-shop
Apache Error Document repo/apache-error-document
Blogging Framework repo/blogging-framework
CMS repo/cms
GIT Auto Deploy repo/git-auto-deploy
macOS Screensaver Desktop repo/macos-screensaver-desktop
Media Uploader repo/media-uploader
OO PHP CRUD Class repo/oo-php-crud-class
PHP Login System repo/php-login-system
RepairShopr API repo/repairshopr-api
USB Robotic Arm macOS repo/usb-robotic-arm-macos
Web Template repo/web-template
MySQLi Connection File gist/2eda8c3978315524cc228384daf5a41e
jQuery AJAX Call Template gist/01c2061c56ac090d20abdc81397ca373
jQuery smooth scroll to # links gist/a138c339667c12afe1a61df4c9454842
jQuery search input through table rows gist/a77df653b73a81b097b4b32fd0fc7d1c